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“Thank you Arora Online for compiling an easy to read detailed report on our social media campaign. With a clear view we can now focus on the areas that need attention. Your insights and transparency makes you an ethical company that is fast becoming part of the Whimsical family. We can’t wait for our new campaign to begin!”

Deziree Smith, Whimsical Collection


Whimsical Collection is a proudly South African company creating African inspired gifts featuring designs painted by Deziree Smith. When COVID-19 struck, Whimsical Collection could no longer sell their gifts online so they decided to create a new range of cotton masks. They wanted the range to look fresh, but how could they stand out from the competition?

Here’s where Arora Online came in with a plan to energise their social media presence in a way that strongly conveyed the Whimsical brand. Arora Online gave the creative a fresh coat of paint using Whimsical Collection’s beautiful illustrations. To drive online sales, we set up their Instagram Shop so that Whimsical Collection’s followers could shop the range straight from their feeds.

whimsical collection face mask


Arora Online crafted a content strategy to promote Whimsical Collection’s new range across Instagram, Facebook and Instagram Stories. We also set up and optimised their new Instagram shop to make online sales from social as seamless as possible.

whimsical collection social media creative beforewhimsical collection social media creative after

A critical problem we faced was that due to COVID-19 Facebook implemented strict guidelines around advertising certain products, including face masks. In spite of this challenge Arora Online employed strategic tactics to increase awareness organically. Beautifully designed social media posts with compelling captions, coupled with well-timed Instagram Stories resulted in success for the brand.

Setting up the Instagram shop was an important step. Recent stats show that 130 million Instagram accounts tap on a shopping post to learn more about products every month and 70% of shopping enthusiasts turn to Instagram for product discovery[1]. Whimsical Collection’s first Instagram story that swiped up to their online shop produced a 20% click-through rate which shows the critical role of social commerce.

whimsical collection instagram feed
whimsical collection instagram product
whimsical collection instagram shop


Despite not being able to use paid media to promote the campaign, our content strategy meant that Whimsical Collection’s campaign posts reached almost 12 000 people organically. The Facebook page saw a 72% increase in likes and the engagement increased by 23%. The Instagram profile grew from 933  followers to 1 023 in just four weeks.

The campaign produced a great engagement rate of 6% which is above the industry average of 3.22%. The campaign produced an incredible click-through-rate (CTR) of 6.5% which is also above the industry average of 0.90%. This means that the social media posts created for Whimsical Collection were powerful tools to drive traffic to the website and Instagram shop.

In conclusion, the great reach, impressive engagement rate and high CTR is proof of the campaign’s success.

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