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“In 2019, The Waterfront Theatre School embarked on a massive rebranding project after nearly 40 years in the industry. Arora Online’s passion, attention to detail and commitment to our product’s development demonstrated immense insight into all aspects of our brand as well as the relevant market. Arora Online helped bring the Waterfront Theatre School into this new era with a fresh and marketable look, of which we are extremely proud.”

Genna Galloway, Waterfront Theatre School


The Waterfront Theatre School opened its doors in 1992, quickly becoming known as the “Fame School”. This was because of its reputation for producing triple threat performers who could sing, dance and act. Fast forward to 2019, and the V&A Heritage Committee decided it was time to return the Herbert Baker building to its original look. As the architectural facelift took place, the directors of the school used the time to reflect on the brand. How had it evolved in terms of its curriculum, offering and outlook? Could the institution stay true to its established, familiar ethos while refreshing the brand for the 21st century?

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The project kicked-off with an in-depth brand strategy workshop. This helped Arora Online and the school’s directors understand what the brand means today, and how to position it. The key was understanding that the school needed to draw back the proverbial curtain. This revealed the many activities that give this training institution its brand personality and its competitive advantage.

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As Arora Online worked with The Waterfront Theatre School, it became apparent that since its inception the institution changed. It has shifted away from producing only performers. Nowadays, it provides opportunities for students to develop skills as teachers and creators, as evidenced by the careers of graduates. This differentiates the School because no other institution makes students as employable across performing, teaching, and creating. Above all, this insight drove the rebranding strategy, inspiring elements like the anchor in the new logo. The school anchors your training in tried and tested technique, while allowing you to soar.

waterfront theatre school instagram post
waterfront theatre school instagram post
waterfront theatre school instagram post


The client expressed that applications to the training institution increased year-on-year, despite new competitors entering the market.

As one of the co-directors noted, “Arora Online identified what our brand is and who our target market is. They used that to develop an effective strategy to market our brand”.

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